To Be Loved

My entire life has been centered on being loved. I’m a people pleaser, running around trying to make me liked by my friends, family, strangers too. If it could make someone sad, I wouldn’t do it. It sound like a positive lifestyle, but it’s destroys my life. I can never think about myself, not even for a second. All I want is for someone to love me, someone to tell me I’m here for a reason, I’m worth it, and I can get through it. 

I see all my friends in relationships, romantic and platonic. 

They worry about my friends. About their feelings. Do people worry about me sometimes? Do they wonder what I’m thinking about? Would they care? 

I might have high expectations, but I just really want someone to be here for me. I never feel like my friends understand. 

Gosh, I just need someone I can hug. 

I used to have someone. But that ship has sailed in a different but happier direction. But not me. I’m still here, stranded on this island. 

Someone, anyone, please just love me. 

Is this too much to ask? 

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