Symptoms of the Internet

So recently I’ve discovered that I have been a suffering victim of the Internet. The Internet is an outlet for many things. I use it for entertainment, for communication, and to share my life. However, after being the person sitting behind the screen for so long,  I’ve noticed that I’ve been big fan of saying but not doing. I’ll write stuff about how I have such big dreams to go out in life and make an impact on the world, but in reality, the chances that I’ll start my own nonprofit are zero to none. Sometimes I find this kind of sad because I’m just too lazy to try anything. Sometimes I feel like entertainment and technology have shown so many experiences, that going out and doing those experiences ourselves doesn’t feel the same anymore, it just seems to have no purpose. 

I guess these are just the pros and cons of using the Internet, but I really hope as my generation grows older that we realize that some things are worth doing and not just seeing them being done by others. Seeing a collection of pixels will never be the same as feeling the sunshine on your face as you zip line down a mountain. So if you haven’t achieved that dream, go out and do it. Show the world that you’re just not a person behind the screen, incapable of achieving your goals in life. Show the world that you can do what you say.

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