There’s something about your existence being aknowledged that just makes your heart soar, doesn’t it? Something about my friends mentioning my name or caring about me just makes me feel good. It’s like a stable anchor on land in my ocean of thoughts. It makes me feel wanted. 

I had difficulty thinking of what to write about today, but as usual, my ultimate inspiration came from Facebook, because social media has completely replaced the Muses. 

I just realized how far I would go to feel wanted and to belong to something or someone. Sometimes, I don’t want to be known as Jessica. I want to be known as someones friend. 

I know this is human nature, but this is probably part of why I’m such a hopeless romantic. I love to think that when all things fail in the world, there will be one thing or person that will always be there for me. 

Still searching for it.  

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